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Wellnite 📍USA

Subscription mental health service combining teleconsultation, prescription delivery, and ongoing mental health care.

Why RBF makes sense for Wellnite:

Strong founding team in a space gaining momentum. Wellnite found product market fit in the first 6 months of running the business.

Why this team is compelling for our RBF funds:

Recurring revenue and sticky customers, with huge market pull. Hustle Flywheel treats subscription revenue as a major asset for its repeatability. When Wellnite eventually partners with larger medical institutions and insurance companies, Flywheel has the potential to also provide AR financing.

How this team deployed RBF funds:

After identifying high growth segments, Wellnite invested in paid acquisition channels and business development.


Bugherd 📍Australia

Subscription software that allows technical and creative teams to seamlessly troubleshoot web design and give feedback in one location.

Why RBF makes sense for Bugherd:

Bugherd has experienced steady growth and sticky customers which has produced reliable revenue. We provide working capital for growth projects without dilution.

Why this team is compelling for our RBF funds:

BugHerd has all the right components: subscription product with steady growth, low customer churn, and a great team for implementation.

How this team deployed RBF funds:

BugHerd targeted growth by hiring two new members of their marketing team and stepping up their paid acquisition.


Propseller 📍Singapore

Digital full-service property agent that provides expanded reach and significant savings to customers.

Why RBF makes sense for Propseller:

Propseller raised a seed-equity round but recognized the need for working capital to put towards some near-term projects: ad campaign strategy execution plus receivables financing.

Why this team is compelling for our RBF funds:

Propseller is not only operating in an exciting space, but their working capital needs align well with our RBF product. When we analyzed Propseller's process from customer acquisition to deal close, it was clear we were a good fit.

How this team deployed RBF funds:

We underwrote Propseller's Google search words ad campaign strategy, plugged directly into their CRM, and identified an opportunity to unlock capital in their funnel between when commission invoices are issued and payments are received.


And two personal care companies, one B2B and the other B2C...


Everyday Humans 📍North America, South East Asia

Personal care products (cruelty-free) designed to protect every human's skin (inclusivity!) while operating responsibly for the planet.

Why RBF makes sense for Everyday Humans:

Everyday Humans operates in the B2B space with products reaching customers through Sephora, Ulta and Amazon. These relationships demand ready-supply of inventory.

Why this team is compelling for our RBF funds:

The team has seen the products steadily gaining traction in the space with great press around their marketing and appeal to Generation Z. They demonstrated a track record of growth and market appeal that made them a great investment.

How this team deployed RBF funds:

We worked with CEO Charlotte Chen (Singapore) to provide B2B financing for their growing demand for inventory. When you sell to big box retailers, the orders get big too!


Blume 📍Toronto

Personal care products with a focus on women, creating community, and offering clean, cruelty-free, vegan skin products and period care.

Why RBF makes sense for Blume:

Blume has a strong focus in the B2C space and has built a devoted following. Marketing to and connecting with their customers is their key to growth.

Why this team is compelling for our RBF funds:

Blume demonstrated great traction, growth, and were already executing excellent marketing strategies and customer engagement when we sat down. They faced working capital gaps that we could fill.

How this team deployed RBF funds:

Our revenue based B2C financing was put to work in customer acquisition through online marketing and social media. Follow them on instagram - you'll see what we mean!


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