Camp Everest.

Validate your startup idea and get early customers

Most startups fail because they are not able to sell a product profitably and at scale.

Camp Everest is a 10-week course that will teach you how to get early customers and create a repeatable process for customer acquisition.


Application Deadline is Tuesday, September 29


Hustle Fund's program is a perfect way to organize ourselves before entering a growth phase. Their classes, like the B2B Landing Page workshop, gave us tactical learnings that we could immediately apply to our marketing and sales strategies. And by working with other founders throughout the program, we built a community to help us brainstorm new ideas.



The holistic approach challenged us to not only to rethink our marketing and sales strategy but also to integrate new ad platforms or new channels. Besides that, conversations during the sessions both with the Hustle team and the cohort were really valuable to me. I want to highlight the curated materials sent before each session: really great!



Hustle Fund's marketing program provided a very complete overview of different marketing channels, and pushed us to experiment. One of our experiments generated amazing results and led to a 5x increase in conversions per $. Without Hustle Fund's encouragement and guidance we would have probably delayed these crucial marketing experiments for many months.




What is Camp Everest?

Camp Everest is a 10-week virtual bootcamp that teaches marketing and sales fundamentals for aspiring tech founders. 

You’ll learn how to…

  • Apply the same criteria that startup VCs use to evaluate your business
  • Crisply articulate a customer persona
  • Do thorough customer development
  • Develop business intuition around: 
  • Sales cycle length
  • Unit economics 
  • Promising customer acquisition channels
  • Become familiar with common marketing and sales tools
  • Develop a founder mindset needed to be a top-performing entrepreneur

How does Camp Everest work?

The course is designed to help you learn startup tactics through a variety of channels. 

The format of the course will be...

  • Video education including lessons and live Q&As with mentors
  • In-depth group discussions and workshops in small numbers
  • Structured assignments with feedback to keep you on the right track

You can expect...

  • An intimate community of founders at the same stage
  • To learn from Silicon Valley's experienced startup founders and executives
  • Experimentation, iteration, and validation – Lean Startup methods imbedded in your company

Our speakers include...

Des Traynor

Co-founder and CSO of Intercom

Jessica Mah

Co-founder and CEO of in-Dinero

Eric Ries

Author of "The Lean Startup" and CEO at Long-Term Stock Exchange


Noura Sakkijha

Founder and CEO of Mejuri

Rahul Vohra

Founder and CEO of Superhuman

Aaron Ross

Author of "Predictable Revenue" and Co-CEO


...and many others!


Who is Camp Everest For?

Part Time Founders

You have a day-job. You are working on a side project and you have so little time. You want to expedite progress on your side project so you can earn enough to go full-time.

Aspiring MBAs

You have a day-job. You want to take a break and start some side projects. You're thinking about going to business school so you can work on your ideas, learn business skills, and network with other entrepreneurial people. But you’re not sure if business school is worth that much money.


You work for a large company. They offer you education benefits that allow you to take some time to upskill. You want to learn how to be more entrepreneurial and launch new business lines – either at work or on the side. 


What is the Camp Everest Schedule?

Each week includes a session with a top speaker and Workshop / Q&A session / or Founder Mindset session.

Sessions will take place in the evening US time, with few scheduled during morning or daytime. We will schedule sessions to accommodate the cohort's timezones, and all sessions will be recorded.

Weeks 1 - 3:

Validation of the Business Model

Lean Startup methodology

Criteria for business ideas

Customer persona and discovery tactics

Intro to unit economics

Weeks 4 - 7:

Intro to Customer Acquisition

Overview of customer acquisition strategies

Analyzing customer feedback

Setting up funnels and cohort analysis

Identifying KPIs and OKRs

Weeks 8 - 10:

Sales and Marketing Tactics  

Predictable Revenue methodology

Repeatable lead generation

Using a CRM, sales tools

Growing your team

+ Weekly Q&As and Workshops on...

Customer interviews

Cold emails and calls

Social Ads

Closing techniques


+ Weekly Mindset Sessions on...

Dealing with failure


Communicating expectations

Motivating your team

.... and more!


Frequently Asked Questions

When does Camp Everest take place?

→ October 7th - December 9th, 2020

How do I sign up?

→ This program is available to early stage founders, part time founders, aspiring MBAs, and intrapreneurs. And we can only accept 20 people in this cohort.

Please apply to participate by completing this form.

When is the deadline to apply?

→ The latest that we can receive your application is Tuesday, September 29, 2020. However, make sure to apply early as we will be making admissions on a rolling basis, so spots may fill up even by the deadline.

What does Camp Everest cost?

→ USD $999

Is Camp Everest refundable?

→ Yes, it is refundable for the first two weeks of the program.

How is Camp Everest different from an accelerator program?

→ Unlike accelerators, we don't take any equity in your company to participate in this course... though we can't promise that Hustle Fund won't want to invest in the future!

What is the time commitment?

→ You should expect to spend 6 hours each week on Camp Everest. The schedule will be shared once you’ve been accepted into the program.

Can my co-founder join the program?

→ Yes, the admission fee will cover two people from your business, but each individual must fill out an application, and be accepted.

What if I’m not based in the US?

→ Camp Everest is open to anyone from anywhere in the world. We will record every session so if you can’t make it due to time zone issues, you’ll still have access to the same materials and information.

What if I cannot afford the program?

→ We want to make sure that you are not stopped from participation due to financial strains. After you complete your application to the program, please fill out our scholarship form and we will get in touch with you.

If I do this, will I get funding from Hustle Fund or have a better chance to pitch the Fund?

→ Pitches to the fund are reviewed by our investment team, while this program is run by our education team. Camp Everest is a program for founder's own personal development, rather than investment.

Additionally, this program will not cover fundraising tips, and we do not presume that you are aiming to be a venture backed business. 

If you'd like to pitch the Hustle Fund team, you're welcome to apply to do this here. Please make sure to check out the Hustle Fund FAQ page before you do so.


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