Funding without fundraising. Or dilution. Or the headache.

Up to $500k within 72 hours for your online business. Join the Hustle Family.


How revenue-based financing works at Hustle Flywheel.

We fund your growth. You maintain control.

1. Connect with us.

Apply and schedule a time to meet with us. We love learning about your business.

2. Plug in your data.

We take a look at key accounts, evaluate your drivers of growth, and see how RBF can help.


3. Invest in what counts.

We disburse funds and you put the investment to work to turbocharge revenue growth.

4. It's more than money.

Join and apply learnings from our growth school, founder community, and data-driven approach.


Can RBF work for your company?

If your online business (SaaS or eComm) is based in the US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, or Southeast Asia (with Singapore incorporation), yes it can!


What our founders say...

Alan Downie

Alan Downie, Bugherd

"Flywheel came up at the perfect time for Bugherd. We had been looking for this solution in Australia. It was a no brainer!"


Elisa Swan, Wellnite

"Hustle Flywheel has been key for holding us accountable and being savvy on marketing spend enabling us to grow faster."


Adrien Jorge, Propseller

"Flywheel is a trustworthy partner who offered us financing at a turning point for Propseller. All despite COVID-19!"


Our team

Hustle Flywheel was born when the team at Hustle Fund saw thousands of great founders looking for capital who needed an alternative to equity financing. Since then, we've been helping companies get the funding they need to grow.


Shaw Yean Lim

Founder and CEO

VP of finance and ops at Plum Lending. Equity derivatives and credit products at Morgan Stanley. Stanford BS, MS.

Janel Spilker

Janel Spilker

Head of Business Development

Chemical Engineer. Educator. Professional Cyclist. Small business owner. Rensselaer BS. University of San Diego MEd.


Ping Ying Goh

Manager of Business Operations

Partner, Banking & Finance at Allen & Gledhill, Singapore. National University of Singapore LLB. Columbia MBA. 


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